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The human heart is just and soft unity, hard and soft coexist so that people have to keep valuable edges and corners, save a distinct personality, adhere to the inner criteria, and be able to appreciate the warmth of the world to maintain the temperature of human nature, . Only the hardness and softness, balanced and unified personality to achieve a harmonious self-personality.
Too hard-line people tend to over-care about the realization of self-will, too abide by the self-criteria. Character is not mixed with soft hard eventually like a wall generally isolated from the normal exchanges and exchanges with others, will be cold and estrangement planted in the bottom of my heart. Hai Rui "carry coffin curse Jiajing" Ling Ran and tough, but not the slightest tenderness left to his own daughter, abide by the three syllabus and the five permanent members of the ethics, that will take the male Dingjia piece of cake the daughter of starvation. Can be seen, too hard means that I do not know the stubborn and do not understand the flexibility of numbness, and ultimately will be as double-edged sword wounding hurt himself.
But the inner too soft is not good, because too soft will make people lose the right and wrong view. When the good and the bad, good and bad things are equal treatment without discrimination, the spread of love and compassion to cheap to meaningless, blindly compromise and concessions will only promote the breeding of great evil.
From this view, too hard and soft will lead to the generation of personality shortcomings. True harmony of the self, should be the same as Jiaxuan, "Jin Ge iron horse, swallow thousands of miles as a tiger," the Jagged pride, also "see beauty head, curl Chunbao" deep tenderness should be like Lung Ying-tai, And his son Andre exchange of letters of the motherly feelings, but also angrily questioned the "Chinese people, why do not you angry," the noble spirit. We must adhere to their own standards of life and attitude, but also should have the ability to make sensitive perception of the romantic.
Liang Xiaosheng said: "to hate and abominable to dare to love to defend the lovely. With the abomination of the contest to suppress the abomination of the phenomenon, to love and lovely to defend lovely in our lives to flourish." . The necessary toughness, can hold the true love of soft; appropriate soft, can highlight the real tough. Soft and hard, though clearly different, but not poles apart, in fact, they stand side by side.
We would like to be able to pursue the hardness of softness of the sound personality, self-harvest of harmony and unity.

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